Silent Cool


Based on the principle of passive (silent) cooling, the Sunline Silent Cool system is characterized by absolute silence and high efficiency combined with low running costs. The energy saving operation of cooling convectors allows high cooling loads to be removed in return for relatively low investment costs. This results in considerable cost savings in comparison with other cooling systems. In terms of performance, flexibility, energy efficiency and hygiene, the Sunline Silent Cool convector combines all the advantages for the proper cooling of buildings.


Sunline Silent Cool cooling convectors are used to remove high internal thermal loads. The functional principle is based on passive cooling, which is water cooling without the use of machinery to provide any additional supply of air. The advantage of this type of cooling is the use of water as the only transport medium for the cold energy. Based on thermal conditions, the cooling convector draws in the warm room air above the housing and conducts it through the heat exchanger within the cooling element. The warm room air is cooled by the cold ribs of the heat exchanger and falls slowly and silently downwards due to the difference in density which has been created. A passive cooling convector works only according to this principle of thermally induced free convection.

Silent Cool, Pfenning Heddesheim

Silent Cool, Pfenning Heddesheim

Silent Cool, Pfenning Heddesheim

Installation of chill elements in punched gypsum cardboard covers

With the installation of chill elements in punched covers the following points must be considered

  • Running around shadow gap with a least width of 25 mm
  • More freely cross section of the ceiling with at least 23 %


  • Offices / discussion rooms
  • Car dealers
  • Waiting room
  • Industrial halls and warehouses
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Department stores
  • Savings banks / banks
  • Meeting sites